Are you sick of going around in circles and not taking action? A 1:1 with me will give you the headspace to work on challenging relationships and confidence to deal with them.

You know what the problem is! A 1:1 will allow you to create a plan of action so that you can stop saying "same shit different shovel" and start saying "I have got this!?"


My 1:1 programme is a safe space for you to explore the challenges you are facing now so you can put that plan into action! 


You are not the first with this problem and I know, you won't be the last!


There is a solution - there is always a solution. It's not too late. Let's work it out together...

One power hour with Nicola or four deep sessions? You choose what YOU need!

One Power Hour with Nicola €139
Four deep 1 to 1 sessions €497

So how does a 1:1 with me work?

  • First and foremost, you are going to make good use of a pen! So make sure it's comfortable and one you enjoy using. Next, you will need a journal that you actually like the look and feel of. The reason for note taking is - whatever is in your head needs to come out so that we can structure a plan around it to get you where you want to be and feel.
  • In the first session, you will explain your main challenges and I'll ask you a couple of questions. I don't do fluffy. I go straight to the core to get to the heart of the problem you're facing quickly in order to find immediate solutions for you. No more wasting your precious time or going around in circles. You need solutions NOW.
  • Your history is important. This is what we will learn from so that you don't repeat the same cycles over and over. However we will not be entering the "Sad Story Olympics" or wallowing in "Victim Mindset". I am in the business of helping create EMPOWERED VICTORIOUS WARRIORS. My one to one sessions are action orientated so we will get straight down to business from the get go! If this doesn't sound like an approach that suits you, then I am not the girl for you and you need to find someone else to help you!
  • From what you share with me I will put together an action plan on how you will work through your challenges. I will offer you some solutions. There is always a solution!!!
  • Based on the action plan you will more than likely have to start thinking and behaving in new ways. Getting comfortable being uncomfortable will be your new norm because THAT is where the GROWTH ZONE is.
  • But that’s not all! When we've finished our session, you will receive an email from me with written exercises to complete before your next session. These written exercises are ones I will personally choose for you from my Soulworks Personal Development Programme. This will be bespoke to you based on the information you shared with me about your biggest challenges.
  • In the next session we will look back at what you achieved through the written exercises, what you learned from them, what NEW actions you took and how to move forward until that challenge is a distant memory!!
  • We will continue to drill down until all the changes you want to make are complete and you can get on with living your best life on your terms!
  • Without sounding funny because I mean this wholeheartedly - my favorite part of this whole process is never seeing you make another appointment with me again! Why? Because this tells me I did my job very well and that I gave you all the tools you needed to go live a confident, fulfilled and happy life. This is what I want for you and I know that's what YOU WANT TOO. Let me help you get their like so many before you.
  • Lastly, I look forward to you being my next testimonial where you share with the world the changes you have made and how happy you now are! What are you waiting for!? Go - book your sessions...

What do YOU need right now?

One Power Hour with Nicola €139
Four deep 1 to 1 sessions €497

You can talk to me privately and directly about the challenges you are facing and together we come up with a plan to address this so you can move forward confidently and swiftly.

My name is Nicola Connolly-Byrne and I am an award-winning personal empowerment specialist. That means that I'm devoted to helping people, like you, to learn to love being themselves, to overcome their past and live their best lives - whether that is for family, relationships, work or anything else you can stick on your list of things that are wrecking your head!

You have come this far - don't stop here!

Take the next step and choose how many sessions will suit YOU best. YOU deserve this time! YOU deserve to be happy!

One Power Hour with Nicola €139
Four deep 1 to 1 sessions €497