Are you sick of going around in circles, talking about the same old issues yet not actually taking action on them?

Do you know what the problem is but just don’t know how to go about changing it?

My 1:1 programme is a safe space for you to explore the challenges you are facing. Now. 


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You can talk to me directly about the challenges you are facing and together we come up with a plan to address this so you can move forward confidently and swiftly.

My name is Nicola Connolly-Byrne and I am an award-winning personal empowerment specialist. That means that I'm devoted to helping people, like you, to learn to love being themselves, to overcome their past and live their best lives - whether that is for family, relationships, work or anything else. 

So how does a 1:1 with me work?

First and foremost, you must have a journal and pen.

In the first session, we'll get to know each other, and I'll ask you a couple of questions to get to the heart of the challenge you're facing.

Together, we will talk through the challenge, and I will offer you some solutions. There is always a solution!

The next step is to take the journal out and jot down the action plan.

But that’s not all.

When we've finished our session, you will receive a mail from me with written exercises to complete before your next session.

After each session, we will look back at what you achieved with your exercises, what you learned from them, and how to move forward until that challenge is a distant memory!!

I'd love to do this - how do I book in?

So you have come this far - don't stop here!

Take the next step and get in touch with me here to book your space. You deserve this time!

Yes please! Sign me up for 1:1 sessions with Nicola!!!!