Hi! My Name is Nicola and I am an Empowerment Specialist


I Help People & Businesses find their True Authentic Voice so that they can Make Empowered Decisions Confidently.


I am a multi award winning Empowerment Specialist, Tedx speaker, Founder of Soulworks, SoulSteps, online community groups for women & creator of multiple digital products to help empower people wherever they are in life & business.

I do this by giving them the tools to establish their boundaries, values & manage their negative self-talk & be congruent consistently with their words & actions. This is when you become the leader in your own life, the captain of your ship - and everything just flows effortlessly. When you work with me you will learn how to live authentically.

My name is Nicola Connolly-Byrne and my life certainly didn't start off how it is right now. I came from very humble beginnings and many challenges most would not have over come. If you would like to know more about my story you can watch my Tedx talk below...


I am here to Guide YOU in making the choice to Empower YOURSELF!


Trust me, you already have the tools, you just not know it yet.

I take a values-based approach to empowering those who feel that they have lost their connection with their innate inner strength. My experience has shown me that everyone has the potential for greatness inside themselves, and it is my job to simply reveal that to you.

I Have a Gift for YOU!


Do you find yourself at a crossroads in life?

You know you are capable of so much more, but you just don't know how to get started?

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From Victim to Victorious -

My Story


My intention behind this TEDx talk is for one person to be able to identify with me & that my story will inspire THEM to take positive action for themselves and become Victorious so that they will be the change we all want to see in the world.

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Some People and Organisations I have worked with:


David Hardie

 - Three Ireland

"Nicola engages fully with her audience, delivering content that is relevant, positive, uplifting and empowering. Moreover, her message is delivered with clarity and humour, and in a way that will help the most positive or negative of people improve their mindset, resilience and positivity. Thanks again for a great session Nicola."

Eamonn Kelly

- Senior Manager @ Prometric

"Many thanks to Nicola for the delivery of an excellent webinar to employees of Prometric on maintaining a positive mindset. Nicola's webinar was enjoyed by employees across our global offices with everyone receiving some very practical tips and advice to apply in their daily lives. Nicola is not only very knowledgeable but also clearly passionate about what she does and takes great enjoyment in supporting others in whatever way she can."

Brendan Mulholland

- Senior Manager @ PayPal

"Brilliant workshop Nicola. Everyone I have spoken to, have taken a few golden nuggets away with them. Great material, engaging, humorous, impactful, the list goes on. Look forward to seeing on how the leaders and I action on what we learned."

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