I have put EVERYTHING I know about personal and spiritual development in one place and this is called Soulworks!”


Nicola Connolly Byrne

What is Soulworks?

  • Soulworks is a community membership group where members choose to live life consciously and go deep into their personal and spiritual development.

  • This is achieved by getting to know ourselves on a granular level through written work.

  • Spiritual development is simply learning how to love and respect yourself unconditionally from the inside out.

  • We leave no stone unturned when it comes to learning the tools on how to live a conscious spiritual life while having everyday challenges.

We may want to live consciously, peacefully and feel fulfilled, however we do not have the privilege of living in a holistic retreat at the top of a mountain with Buddhist monks!

Soulworks brings practicality to spirituality.

We have real lives, dealing with real people who bring very real challenges! We also have to deal with ourselves and what goes on in between our own ears!

Soulworks teaches us how to have an internal holistic retreat where we can grow spiritually, with a community of similar minded people.

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Soulworks is essentially about learning a set of tools that support your mindset, because it’s the mindset that dictates our thoughts, our health, our relationships, our emotions and responses.


  • The Essentials - this is where Nicola gets to know where you are on your personal and spiritual development journey. It will give you an opportunity to pause, reset and ask yourself some questions through Soulworks that you maybe haven’t asked yourself in a long time or ever before! It also ensures a solid foundation before you shift gears to the next modules 
  • Ego - Most people get very confused as to what ego actually is. Nicola has broken ego down into 22 parts so you will never struggle with negative self-talk after applying these tools into your everyday life.
  • Boundaries and Values - 21 lessons that will help you have confidence in yourself like never before. At the end of this module you will be standing on a solid foundation and living your values daily. This is when you will operate from a space of “flow”.
  • Your Relationship With You and Others - You can only have connections with others at the depth at which you have met yourself. No longer will you crave or chase connection outside of you for fulfilment or validation. You will be the creator of your own self-belief and esteem. When you apply these tools you will feel whole and no longer try to fill yourself up from the outside in. At this point, you will have learned how to love and respect yourself unconditionally and WOW, isn’t that a powerful position to be in?
  • Your Future - Looking back at your earlier Soulworks you will not be able to recognise your old self, so now it’s time to design your future life to suit the new YOU. The real YOU. The authentic YOU! It’s like pressing the “return to factory settings” button on your soul. Now all the noise and confusion is gone. You will now be clear and conscious in your vision for your future and finally, YOUR soul works xxx

Your soul is always guiding you, the Soulworks Community provides a space for you to get still, listen, learn & take action while being constantly supported by my team and I!

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€99 per month

  • Soulwork lessons, delivered weekly to a private membership area. Each lesson covers a different self-empowerment topic. 
  • 'Nicola's Notes' resource guide and worksheet for each Soulwork so that you can better understand each concept and apply it to your life and actions. 
  • Access to the amazing Soulworks Community Facebook Group to connect with other members and share and ask questions about your Soulworks journey. 
  • Monthly Live Q&A Zoom Call with Nicola to answer your questions. 
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As a member of the Soulworks community, you will receive regular Soulworks into your dedicated member area. Each Soulwork includes a video from Nicola, along with written challenges. 

As you go deeper into the work, we will shift gears and dig into all the elements of yourself you have been avoiding. We call this “The last 10%”. 

“We can generally be open and honest about the first 90% but it’s the last 10% I AM interested in helping you with - that is the bit you would sooner not discuss!

That is where the discomfort is.

That is where the growth is because growth only happens in discomfort!

Don’t worry! My team and I will be here to support you every step of the way. “

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Soulworks Community Group

One of the massive bonuses of the Soulworks community group is the power of shared learning. We are all more similar than we are different and we are all learning and growing together far more quickly than if we did it alone. There is a community culture of support, encouragement & zero judgment!

I don’t have the words yet to fully describe how it feels in the group!

All I know is that it is an amazing safe space that people love to hang out in!

In here there is daily support from the Team NCB girls who have been under Nicola’s guidance for many years.

  • We operate under a set of Shared Agreements which creates a safe space for us to grow into ourselves again and make strong connections along the way.
  • We have monthly Live Q&A calls with Nicola to find solutions to whatever challenge you may have in the moment. This is also a great way to get to know other members of the Soulworks community.
  • Many life-long friendships have been carved out in Nicola’s groups due to the nature of the work, as we are sharing a space with people who are on a similar journey to us and have shared experiences.
  • We make self-care and journaling a non-negotiable in our daily lives. You will learn pretty quickly that we are more similar than we are different. You will see elements of your own story in other people and vice versa. It’s quite astonishing really! The things we are afraid to share are in fact the common thread between us all.
  • We promote being self-full, not selfish! Fill your own cup first, so much so that it overflows! What is in the cup is for YOU. What is on the saucer, is for everyone else.

While there is real power in shared learning, we respect that some people would prefer to make this a private journey and we can accommodate that if desired.

Frequently Asked Questions about Soulworks...

What do other Soulworkers have to say?

"The practical way in which soulworks are written and presented really appeals to me... I had no idea it was possible to unravel all of this, to identify where those (limiting) beliefs came from in the first place, to learn new positive ways of thinking and being and to move forward, applying new tools to the next stage of life.  The support and guidance given in The Soulwork Community while completing the work is second to none and I would highly recommend this empowering journey."

"Nicola Connolly-Byrne and her Soulworks couldn’t have come along at a better time for me. I was languishing in grief, loneliness and mild depression when I started supporting her on Facebook...While I am still relatively new to them, I am already feeling a massive shift in my thinking and my self awareness is improving. I’m excited for my future... This is just the beginning  of what I know will be an amazing journey. Thank you so much Nicola!!"

"...Having some direction and guidance placed on my inner working through these souls works is just unbelievable, it’s hard work soothing your soul working from the inside out, but if you want to be the best version of yourself and believe me you owe it to yourself then I would highly recommend starting with the soul works and the rest will follow...Keep moving forward and growing in the strongest direction you will ever go. These soul works are the working of your inner self growing and the cause of you becoming the best version of you 💖"


Nicola Connolly Byrne

If you were wondering where the name Soulworks came from, have a listen...

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This is for you if:

  • You’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and wasting time.
  • You are unhappy and feel unfulfilled in your life.
  • You are tired and bored with your life.
  • You constantly find yourself in situations which feel overwhelming.
  • You were not taught how to cope with your feelings and conflict in your childhood and this has impacted your adult relationships.
  • You feel you need a guide and extra support as you navigate understanding yourself and what you feel.
  • You are committed to reaching your full potential.
  • You want a change in your life, in your job or business or in your relationships and family.
  • You are looking to find your confidence and love who you are, without shame, judgement or guilt.
  • You are scared of the change but you know you cannot stay where you are anymore. Enough is enough.

This is not for you if:

  • You are not open to change.
  • You are an excuse maker.
  • You are unwilling to try something new and do the work.
  • You are not willing to commit time and thought to your journey.
  • You won't invest in yourself.
  • You aren’t willing to take advice.
  • You are comfortable with being comfortable and have no wish to grow.

My name is Nicola Connolly-Byrne and I am a personal empowerment specialist. I'm devoted to helping people be themselves, overcome their past and live their best lives. I did it, so can you. 

I want you to live your life with zero regrets. I'm looking for people to be happy, whatever their version of happiness is. We are all searching for happiness, peace, fulfilment and success. You can experience joy on a daily basis, and, if we aren't, it's time to change things up.

I invite you to be part of the Soulworks Community. To learn, to grow, to love and to see the unbelievable changes in your life when you follow my programme, do the work and transform yourself from the inside out. 

I want to work with Nicola and her Soulworks


means investing in your own mind, your own self-esteem and your own will power. The results are incredible.

SOULWORKS will make it easier for you to make more informed decisions about your life, your relationships and your future. You will learn to find the strength within – with an “I CAN do this” attitude.

SOULWORKS will show you how to find your own self-worth. And when we properly value ourselves, we make decisions that will transform our lives forever.

SOULWORKS will help you see all the clutter in your head – the baggage that’s informing bad decisions and letting you hold onto relationships that no longer serve you – and when you see it, you’ll be able to get rid of it – for good!! Are you ready to declutter your emotional baggage?

I'm 100% ready to change my life!