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I am a multi award winning Empowerment Specialist who helps women find their voice, build confidence & create healthy boundaries

I have put all of my tools together for YOU so that YOU can now become your own Empowerment Specialist!

I have had a very colorful past. My life was full of fear and self doubt. I felt broken and drowning in chaos. If you are interested in finding out more about how I stopped living in the "Sad Story Olympics" and moved from victim to victorious you can check out my Tedx talk below.

For now, let me ask you a question...

If you were faced with the following options and your life depended on it - which would YOU choose?

1. Empower yourself out of dysfunctional thinking, behaviors & relationships by taking action




2. Accept your status quo, comply, keep your mouth shut and die slowly every day pretending everything is "fine"?


This is your first NCB newsflash - YOUR LIFE DOES DEPEND ON IT! And the answer should always be option 1 ALL DAY LONG - every day. You are your responsibility. YOU are your own hero. Let me share why...

Everything and I mean EVERYTHING you do or say is a choice. When you CHOOSE option 1, you choose YOU. You have now become your own hero. You get to decide what your next chapter looks and feels like. You also get to decide WHO is in it. People often think this sounds selfish but I am here to tell you it is SELF-FULL! When you take care of YOU, then and only then can you properly take care of others. You must fill your own cup first so much so that it overflows! What's in the cup is for you, what spills onto the saucer is for everyone else!

Change is HARD!


Choose YOUR hard because chaos and peace cannot live on the same street...


Everything worth having is worth fighting for! You are enough and you are worth fighting for!

I have made this really simple by recording a blueprint to follow which will give you every tool I used to empower myself and YOU can too. This is personal development program is called "Soulworks".

I am gifting you one of THE best tools which will get you thinking in a different way. This will allow you to wake up, smell the coffee and put yourself in the drivers seat of your life to get you started! FOR FREE! This is where your journey begins...


When did we start putting our own priorities at the bottom of the list?

Maybe it was a relationship that took a wrong turn, or a career choice that didn't quite work out. Maybe you're tolerating bad behavior and your boundaries are being broken. Or YOU keep looking after others before yourself and you don't know how to stop this!

You only have one life, and it's time you put yourself first. And before you go telling yourself "this is very selfish" I am here to tell you it's NOT it is SELF-FULL! You cannot help another person BEFORE your help yourself. This is like on a plane when they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first before you assist anyone else! I help you learn the tools to make those adjustments and how to take life's challenges in your stride.

And WOW! The results are powerful.

A stronger, more positive and confident YOU. Someone that others respect and want to be around. Are YOU ready to be and feel that?

YES, let's do this!

From Victim to Victorious - My Story

My intention behind this TEDx talk is for one person to be able to identify with me & that my story will inspire THEM to take positive action for themselves and become Victorious so that they will be the change we all want to see in the world.