Is a multi award winning Empowerment Specialist who helps women find their voice, build confidence & create healthy boundaries

Let me address the elephant in the room. There are no qualifications to become an Empowerment Specialist, so I had to learn how to become one myself!

I have put all of my tools together for YOU so that YOU can become your own Empowerment Specialist! 

My life was full of fear and self doubt. I felt broken and in drowning chaos (check out my Tedx talk below). So I had two choices...

Thankfully I choose option one! I am here to tell the tail of how I desperately wanted to get away from a life of hurt and pain and fought so hard for the life I have.

  • Today I have peace
  • My self esteem & belief are in tact
  • I decide my value
  • My voice is heard and respected 
  • I am happy (most of the time!)
  • I feel mentally strong
  • I am confident
  • I have learned how to love me unconditionally warts and all
  • My boundaries are firmly in place
  • I know I am enough

I had to become an Empowerment Specialist firstly to be able to survive and now be able to thrive!

It wasn't an easy journey but everything worth having is worth fighting for.

I was worth that fight and so are you!

Thankfully I documented all the tools that empowered me out of being a victim to becoming victorious. I have created a blue print of this for you to find your way back to yourself - YOUR soul-self.

When did we start putting our own priorities at the bottom of the list?

Maybe it was a relationship that took a wrong turn, or a career choice that didn't quite work out. Maybe you're tolerating bad behavior and your boundaries are being broken. Or YOU keep looking after others before yourself and you don't know how to stop this!

You only have one life, and it's time you put yourself first. And before you go telling yourself "this is very selfish" I am here to tell you it's NOT it is SELF-FULL! You cannot help another person BEFORE your help yourself. This is like on a plane when they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first before you assist anyone else! I help you learn the tools to make those adjustments and how to take life's challenges in your stride.

And WOW! The results are powerful.

A stronger, more positive and confident YOU. Someone that others respect and want to be around. Are YOU ready to be and feel that?

YES, let's do this!

From Victim to Victorious - My Story

My intention behind this TEDx talk is for one person to be able to identify with me & that my story will inspire THEM to take positive action for themselves and become Victorious so that they will be the change we all want to see in the world.