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Daily journalling accountability & internal self-care community for women who want to live an awake, conscious and authentic life. These women want change and they know the change starts with them...




Journalling gratitude and expressing it correctly.


Setting goals and intentions and sticking to them.


Documenting and reversing your negative self-talk

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What our Past Clients had to say about SoulSteps:

"Daily Spiritual Practice allows me to continuously assess myself, my behaviour & my surroundings. Focusing forward positively impacts my circles, my family, my status within my community & society. The ultimate intention being to live life to its full potential, appreciating everything life has to offer. Who wouldn't want that?"

- Rebecca

“SoulSteps has changed my whole outlook on life and that of my family.

Practising daily gratitude and affirmations has inflated my daily vibration, it’s the perfect way to start my day. It’s non-negotiable, it’s like brushing my teeth. Being grateful makes me appreciate what I have no matter how big or small."

- Sinead

"SoulSteps have helped me make the best of the last 5 years!! Since I began SoulSteps they have kept me on an even keel, mindful and present. Everyday I am aware of what and who I am grateful for, what my intentions are for the week so I keep focused and productive. I hear my negative self-talk and flip it in the moment or very soon after unlike 5 years ago when I would obsessively think about the negative thoughts!!!!"

- Rosie

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