Giant leaps start with tiny SoulSteps.

Daily accountability & internal self-care community for Women who want to live an awake, conscious and authentic life.


Membership and online community to support you in building daily accountability in the following areas:

  • Journalling gratitude and expresing it correctly - because what we focus on expands!
  • Setting goals and intentions and sticking to them (finally!)
  • Documenting and reversing your negative self-talk (we need less of this, especially from ourselves!)
  • Getting movement into your body for physical health
  • Practicing meditation so as to give your busy mind time to relax and unwind!
  • Learning how to celebrate your wins even in a challenging week - there is always a lesson and a silver lining
  • Self-care routine. (Like proper internal self-care. Your wrapper needs to match what is inside the box!)
  • As a member, each day you will receive powerful teachings, self-care tips, daily check-ins, soul tools to help you take care of yourself, feel centered and support from my team and I to be able to live a soul-led life.
  • This group is the most welcoming, inclusive space where you will feel a sense of belonging from the outset as we have built our culture on zero judgement and inclusion. It's like you put the key in the door and you fall into a big virtual hug from us all.
  • You will be amongst other members who want to finally take care of themselves as you do too. 
  • SoulSteps members also get an exclusive invite to a monthly Live Deep-Dive Q&A with me (ask me anything!) and access to a private and supportive community of people devoted to weaving self-care and spirituality into everyday life!
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  • Starting out on your accountability internal self-care journey can be confusing and lonely


You really want to develop better habits, feel calmer and move toward your goals with more ease, but sometimes it feels like nobody around you really gets it. You also may be sleepwalking through you life living in an actual nightmare!

THEY don’t get it. But it’s okay, because WE do! YOUR new tribe does!


They don’t want to read the books or do the meditations. Maybe they don’t want you to change the way you talk or behave.


I designed SoulSteps to be a virtual home for women to come together and support each other on their path to becoming the greatest versions of themselves. To focus on internal self care, living consciously and living a soul-led life!


Each day, we give accountability check ins, share tips and tools to help you feel calm AND energised (yes, it’s possible to feel both) so you can focus on reaching the goals that make *your* soul sing. We will discuss a different empowering topic every month along with our Live Q&A where you can ask me anything!

If you are ready to run the day instead of the day run you – SoulSteps is for you!

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€29.00 per month

  • The power behind expressing Gratitude
  • Setting intentions & seeing them through
  • Negative self-talk reversed
  • Movement to reduce stress
  • Meditation to calm your mind
  • Music for the soul 
  • Affirmations to change your limiting beliefs
  • Clean eating
  • The 5 love languages so you can strengthen your relationships
  • Celebrating your wins so you can create more
  • Monthly Live Q&A with Nicola
  • And so much more! (Like millions more! Not kidding!)
  • Get SoulSteps for FREE when you sign up to Soulworks or pay €29 per month for all of the above
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When it comes to self-care, never mix up simple with easy.

Because if it was easy, we’d all be taking brilliant care of ourselves, living from our Souls and loving our lives, wouldn’t we!? 

Instead, most people would rather hit the snooze button or scroll mindlessly on social media, then wonder why they’re chasing the day instead of seizing it! 

But the fact is that it’s been proven over and over again that shifting your focus to the positive with small, daily actions can dramatically improve your happiness.


The key is consistency, persistency and insistency.


Which is exactly what we do every day in SoulSteps!


Believe it or not, following influencers and doing the odd bit of deep breathing, painting your nails, having a massage and lighting a candle is NOT self-care. 

How can you tell? Because you still feel like crap! 

When you join SoulSteps, you’ll quickly notice how our community, daily accountability, tips for living a soul-led life and simple but mighty structure, will help you focus on what’s good and massively improve how you feel. 

Drop-in to the community every day, set your intentions for the week (along with other daily check-ins), then celebrate your wins with us when you smash through your goals! 


SoulSteps is self-care with added va-va-voom for busy women.

Love this, I want in!

SoulSteps are daily choices that change your Life.

- Nicola Connolly Byrne



Giant leaps start with tiny SoulSteps!

  • Guided Accountability Journal
  • Daily posts from me on the following topics...
  • Gratitude
  • Intentions and Goals
  • Reversing your negative self talk
  • Getting movement into your body
  • Learning how to celebrate your wins (even in challenging times!)
  • Different monthly challenges
  • Support from the amazing Team NCB (5 people in total Mon-Fri)
  • Shared learning within the group (we learn more quickly in numbers than we do as individuals!)
  • Monthly group live Q&A with me via zoom to discuss your challenges and share experiences
  • Discounts on all events & other programs
  • Have a sense of belonging within a community of people who have a common goal
  • Accountability for living consciously
  • Ready made tribe of women just like you ready to welcome you with open arms
  • Have fun while learning!

What women are saying about working with Nicola


"My Daily Spiritual Practice involves taking time out of my busy schedule to check in with myself. Since beginning this practice my life has taken a totally different direction with continuously positive benefits to myself & those around me. 

I used to hit the ground running in the mornings, on auto-pilot you could say, doing things without question. Same could be said for the evening time. I wouldn’t allow myself time to reflect on my day or plan things properly resulting in feelings of overwhelm, frustration, stress & failure. Feelings like: not good enough, not perfect, no structure to my day, stretching myself thin with nothing left for me. I carried things from today into tomorrow, never drawing a line. Living in the moment seemed impossible with so much to do & not enough time to do it. I was constantly coming from a place of lack.

Persistent, consistent & insistent daily habits got me where I want to be – taking action on goals & reflecting on progress allows me to constantly analyse my current situation. Waiting for “motivation” won’t work, motivation is a myth. Information is power, like science there is a cause & effect situation occurring, for example, I did this, this was the outcome, was it a win or a learning opportunity? In the words of Maya Angelou – “When we know better, we do better”.   

Daily Spiritual Practice allows me to continuously assess myself, my behaviour & my surroundings. Focusing forward positively impacts my circles, my family, my status within my community & society. The ultimate intention being to live life to its full potential, appreciating everything life has to offer. Who wouldn't want that?"


SoulSteps has changed my whole outlook on life and that of my family. 

Practising daily gratitude and affirmations has inflated my daily vibration, it’s the perfect way to start my day. It’s non-negotiable, it’s like brushing my teeth. Being grateful makes me appreciate what I have no matter how big or small.

Setting my intentions both daily and weekly have me accountable to ME and I get things done. Gone are my days of procrastinating and getting nothing done! I consistently take action.

Stopping the negative self-talk can be a daily challenge but it was a daily battle. I consistently monitor how I speak to and about myself, I now show myself kindness. If I wouldn’t speak to my best friend like that then it’s not acceptable to speak to myself like that.

Weekly I celebrate my wins and that of those around me. There are always wins in our life sometimes we have to look harder for them than others but they are always there.

I call the above my soul steps because daily repetitiveness and consistency is what keeps me stepping forward in life and functioning as a much better version of myself.

Sharing these steps with the SoulSteps community has kept me accountable, consistent and I am happy with who I am and no longer what I thought I should be. I love me, I am proud of me, I believe in me.

It has taken me nearly 45 years to get to this point, and it makes for a very exciting next 45 years!"


SoulSteps have helped me make the best of the last 5 years!! Since I began SoulSteps they have kept me on an even keel, mindful and present. Everyday I am aware of what and who I am grateful for, what my intentions are for the week so I keep focused and productive. I hear my negative self-talk and flip it in the moment or very soon after unlike 5 years ago when I would obsessively think about the negative thoughts!!!!

The community of people and support helps me learn through others experiences and allows me to be vulnerable and open to growth for myself, shared learning can be scary but so rewarding. The Wins raise my energy, I love to hear everyones wins and tell my own, it reminds me of the good experiences during the week and puts me in great form. I love to find a win in a difficult situation it shifts the perception of the event.

The routine, habit and ritual of SoulSteps has enabled me to be authentic and congruent on my journey. I know I can trust myself to be the best version of myself.


“An invaluable investment for anybody looking to increase self-love, self-drive and get rid of any personal blockages. 

Nicola delivers her wisdom in a friendly and no-nonsense way, making you feel more like a friend than simply a client. She is enthusiastic, inspiring and most of all, she practices what she preaches. An invaluable investment for anybody looking to increase self-love, self-drive and get rid of any personal blockages." 

Meet your personal empowerment guide - ME!


I was put on this earth to tell women the real truth about what’s keeping them trapped in stress, exhaustion and self-doubt?

Women really struggle with putting themselves FIRST because they think it is selfish! When in actual fact, it is SELF-FULL! If you don't fill your own cup first there will be nothing left to help your family and friends. Then you will become depleted and the cycle continues.

I AM not Willy Wonka, I don’t sugar-coat anything. Instead, I cut through the confusion to empower people-pleasing “good girls” who have always played by other people’s rules with the tools to become their own hero.

It’s never too late to get started; because when you combine SoulSteps with outer action, you’ll finally feel confident to be who YOU want to be and be in complete control of YOU.

Want the official credentials? Nicola is a personal empowerment specialist, the host of the Soulchats podcast, creator of Soulworks personal empowerment programe and a guest speaker for corporate clients including Citi, Three, and Europcar. Awards: Business Woman of the Year, Power Within Champion, LIFT Ireland Accountability Leader, Highly Commended in Business Innovation.

I want to work with Nicola and her SoulSteps NOW !!!

Enrol in SoulSteps today and get access to soulful content and community for less than €1 per day!  


SoulSteps includes:

Motivational videos, quotes, podcasts that will support your internal self care SoulSteps journey

A monthly Q+A group call hosted by Nicola

Daily accountability threads

Tips and tricks to help you live consciously with Soul

The power of shared learning within the group

A tribe of similar minded women with challenges just like yours

Exclusive Digital Daily Internal Self Care Journal explaining the WHY behind we do daily check ins

Monthly Challenges

An invitation into a members-only Facebook community

 All for just €29/month!!


Why this price?

€29 a month is less than €1 per day. You would spend more than that on rubbish in the shop! I made it this affordable so you can treat SoulSteps like a monthly gym membership for your soul (one that you actually ENJOY going to!). Plus if you know me even for 5 minutes you will know how passionate I AM about supporting all women in any way I can and giving them the tools to be able to look after themselves from the inside out.

Nothing brings me more joy than to see women excel and become everything they have ever wanted to be.


If your mind is telling you “This all sounds great, but isn’t it a bit selfish and self-indulgent?” Then I want you to know this:


  • It is NOT selfish, it is Self-full. We cannot look after other people properly unless we look after ourselves FIRST.
  • We tend to play small when in fact we deserve much more. 
  • Listening to how we feel and what we really think is not selfish -- it’s flippin revolutionary!! 
  • Your self-care is really self-care for everyone around you (you’re doing no-one any favours by roaring through your life feeling frustrated and stressed)
  • Your empowerment empowers others, including your family, clients, colleagues and friends (lead by example)
  • As a result you give indirect permission for others to do the same for themselves
  • Your health will improve when you do this work consistently and take action on it
  • Wanting to grow as a person doesn’t mean everything in your life is rubbish or that you are ungrateful for what you already have. You can be grateful for what you have and still want more. That is ok! You deserve MORE!
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