Feeling unheard
Low in confidence
Not feeling good enough
Being a 'People Pleaser'
Wearing a mask


It was where I began, but it wasn't where I wanted to end up.  

Before thousands of clients.
Before the stage, cameras, and mics.
Before all the awards.
Before having a world-class team.
Before I followed my dream…

I didn't have a “Little House on the Prairie” childhood. Mine came with many challenges. I saw my fair share of poverty, addiction, violence, abuse, bullying, unemployment, and stolen cars. I struggled in school, even though I tried really, really hard. 

I really did think that as soon as I became an adult I would have my life sorted, and I would be in complete control. I wrote a lot. I figured stuff out and processed my challenges through the pen. 

For a while I was happy, confident, independent, and carving out a lovely career for myself. I returned to college, I travelled, I drove a nice car.


Things were really good! Until...


All of the insecurities I felt as a child came back with a bang. They became bigger and louder after I got married and had kids. Everything I worked so hard to get rid of returned to haunt me. 

From the outside looking in, life looked pretty perfect. I had dinner on the table at 5:10. I kept a clean and tidy home. I looked well, the kids looked well. The perfect package. 

But it wasn't 'perfect'. 

Who was I anymore? I'd lost myself somewhere along the way. 

Anger, when channelled correctly, is a very powerful motivator. One day it was like a switch flicked in my mind. All the small things that I had ignored added up and became big things that I simply couldn't take anymore.

So I said...

“I am sick of this. I am SO SICK of myself” 

Followed by...

“Well what are you going to do about it!?”

Then I shouted...

“I AM going to take action TOOO-DAY!”


I felt a shift of energy in my body like I'd never felt before. In that moment I made the decision that I deserved better than how I was feeling right now.

I was going to love myself the way I loved my kids - with care and compassion. I was going to process and deal with my past and unresolved feelings. 

That very day, I went back to my journals I had written years before and started reading and rewriting everything I had used to dig myself out of previous holes I was in back then.

This time was different because I was a Mammy and a wife now.  Not only was I looking to get stronger for me, but I was doing it for them too. I knew I had to save myself first. I had to be number one. That is a tough decision to make as a mother. I had to take care of myself first. I couldn't help them if I couldn't help myself. 

I looked at every element of my life.



This became my Soulworks. I wanted my kids to see a strong, loving, empowered, independent, resilient, assertive mother who could face any challenge head-on, stumble and still find her feet quickly.

I AM proud of all those things now. I opened myself to the work. I fought and still fight hard to be all I can be. I fill my boots. I AM fulfilled. I AM happy. I AM heard. I AM surrounded by wonderful people. I have a fantastic family life. I AM safe and secure.

I have found true humble confidence. I use my voice for good. 

My decision to learn how to love myself unconditionally changed my life and it can change yours too. Putting my conscious self first and prioritising my own mental wellbeing is now part of my everyday life - just like exercising or eating well. My soul work continues and will continue throughout my life. 



Soulworks have made me a better woman, mother, wife, friend, neighbour, family member, and community player. Are you ready to prioritise yourself, take action and make real change in order for you to be the best possible version of yourself? Of course you're ready! That is why you are here! Your soul has drawn you towards the uncomfortable truth of my story.

Are you are reading this nodding saying “yes - that’s me but how does she know?”. 

I need Soulworks in my life too