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What NCB Clients have to say

"I watched Nicola Connolly-Byrne's Negative Self Talk Workshop last night and it is phenomenal!!! Hands down it has got to be the most important hour's learning I have ever done in my life, without exaggeration! Nicola Connolly-Byrne you are awesome!

I intend to watch this on a regular basis. It truly is phenomenal, not just the content but also your delivery!

Brilliant piece of work. Thank you so much!"





"Hey Nicola, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the negative self talk workshop I did with you. I got a lot from it,

I'm generally a positive person however there is times when I get negative self-talk thoughts & until I did the workshop with yourself I never knew how to flip the switch on these & turn the negatives into positives, but with the tips & tools you thought me in the workshop it has been a massive help.

So I just really wanted to say thank you & I would 100% recommend this workshop to anyone who was or is in same boat. These tools really do work & the workshop is definitely worth doing. I look forward to doing another workshop with you soon & keep up the good work, you're amazing at what you do. Thanks again."

"This is the answer I have been looking for. No more second guessing. I’ve learned to trust my own instinct, voice my opinions and own them. I can feel my backbone, stand tall &  comfortable in my own skin. Most importantly I’ve learned to believe in myself. You have to believe to achieve.

By building your own self confidence you influence those around you i.e your children. We all want our children to grow up strong confident individuals. They learn this from us. Monkey see monkey do. What we think about we bring about.

You get to feel that feeling that you are more than capable and competent in every task you do in every aspect of your life. You remove the negative self-talk that keeps you down, stops you from preforming to the best of your ability."

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