Raising kids has never been tougher!

They don't come with a manual and everything keeps changing for them and us!

How do we keep up?

I have helped thousands of families work through their biggest fears. Some of which are:

1. That their child will be bullied/taken advantage of

2. There is poor communication and constant arguing within the home - nothing gets done

3. Fear that their child will not be resilient, reponsible or independent.

I want resilient kids! €45

This course was formerly known as "Positive Parenting Top Tips" until a cleint of mine who did the course called me and said "Nicola, the title no where near describes what this course entails, you are selling yourself short. Your course is not "top tips" - this is a parenting bible that saved my family!".

So I took a look at the content and I have to say I was taken aback because she is 100% right! This work is an amalgamation of EVERYTHNG I have ever used to help a family that wanted to create more resilient kids and have a happy and peaceful home life.

This course is yours to keep FOREVER so you can go over lessons and learn the tools over and over again!

Here is a short description of what I cover in three hours...


Table of Contents:

Module 1 (1:01:31):

  1. There is no such thing as a perfect parent!
  2. The areas in which we need to support our children to grow holistically. 
  3. Discover what type of parent you actually are (there are a few and they all create different outcomes in our kids!)
  4. Did you know that your kids buy a ticket to a show every day? You are the main character!
  5. We give a blueprint on how life should be lived to our kids daily and we don't even know it!
  6. Kids listen with their eyes and learning from you all the time!
  7. Why it is important to let your kids see you doing self care.
  8. Break the mould of generational pain.
  9. Identifying lack (emotionally or physically) that was present in your own childhood. 
  10. Are you trying to make up for that now through them and you are unaware?
  11. The power of your language 
  12. Be proud of empowering language that will shape them.
  13. Teach your child the difference between physical pain & emotional pain. 
  14. Expectations of tall kids & kids who spoke early. 
  15. How to handle screen time.
  16. Kids who say "I AM BORED"
  17. How to teach good work ethic and seeing tasks through to the end. 
  18. Kids who have "Sore loser" syndrome
  19. Bold/Naughty - distinguish the difference between the child and the behaviour.
  20. Kids are treated equally.
  21. Boy jobs/girl jobs.
  22. Accepting change.
  23. Limiting beliefs.
  24. Kids are natural leaders until...
  25. How to get the best out of your kids without all hell breaking loose. 
  26. The impact your language has on them long term.
  27. How we disempower our children without even knowing.
  28. Despondent kids.
  29. Self esteem & accomplishments.
  30. Teach your children how to get to know themselves so they can protect themselves


Module 2 (59.39):

  1. Creating shared family responsibilities (chores!)
  2. Why kids grow up to become needy adults. 
  3. Name calling.
  4. Know the difference between available or attainable parenting
  5. Spoiled kids and material possessions
  6. Phones
  7. You might think you are approachable, but are you REALLY?
  8. What actually happens when we have a big reaction
  9. Anger
  10. Broken & harassed parents
  11. How to be congruent
  12. Consistency, persistency & insistency in parenting
  13. Compromising is healthy
  14. Kids with a broken spirit
  15. Realistic Consequences! Let's not be crazy here!
  16. Shame
  17. Find out their currency 
  18. How we address our wives/husbands/partners.
  19. Handling disrespect
  20. When things build up to explosion point
  21. False Peacekeepers and the true meaning
  22. Making excuses for your kids. Ouch!
  23. How they grow emotionally
  24. Telling the truth & the power behind it
  25. Creating an open door policy
  26. Our discomfort when they cry
  27. Articulating how they feel
  28. Manipulative kids
  29. Numbing their pain or demands
  30. Do we want them to feel better or be better?


Module 3 (52:22)

  1. The negative impact on us obsessing about their appearance
  2. Favourites
  3. Comparison
  4. Keeping score
  5. When they divide and concor
  6. Kids will do anything for attention be it positive or negative
  7. What to do when they are being ‘good’
  8. How to get them to speak up for themselves
  9. Empowerment
  10. Sore losers
  11. Celebrating other kids wins
  12. Feeling not good enough
  13. How to show them they are valued
  14. Involving them in decision making
  15. Taking turns
  16. Teach them how to establish & maintain their boundaries
  17. Working out what your family values are
  18. Family culture
  19. Working out who their friends really are
  20. Helping them critique their circle of friends
  21. What does your name mean to you as a family?
  22. How to gain perspective after a challenging day as their parent
  23. Apologising to your children is never easy!
  24. They will be cleverer than us
  25. Celebrating their wins
  26. What we focus on expands
  27. What does your name mean to you
  28. Have FUN!!!
  29. Connecting with the feeling
  30. The importance of your parting words when they go off for the day


This on demand and online course is for you if you want to:

  • Normalise the challenges in your home by learning that you are not alone in your struggles
  • Come away with a strategy to deal with your specific challenges
  • Learn how to proactively take action before the challenge gets bigger and diffuse immediately
  • Feel calmer and more in control now that you have taken action and have a plan
  • Have more clarity, confidence and clearer communication in your home
  • Learn how to empower your children to become independent, whole and confident young people
  • Stay close and connected to your kids through my daily bonding tips
  • And most importantly, have fun with them!

Every day is so much easier and more manageable when you feel like you are creating a peaceful, loving home life. 


Bring an A4 hardback notepad & pen because you will be taking notes!!

Get me this course NOW! €45

This course has given parents the tools and confidence to help raise resiient kids. It has saved families - it's actually that powerful!


- Nicola Connolly Byrne

What if I told you that you could completely turn around the trajectory of your family life, be more confident in your parenting & strengthen your bonds? Most importantly, create really strong resilient kids!? 

We all have our exterior life on display - the clothes, car, house, career, family, holidays and your social life. But no one really knows what goes on inside your home and if you are really honest - sometimes you wouldn’t want them to!

You think you are the only one with family challenges mulling around all day rent free in your mind. I am here to tell you that we are all more similar than we are different. When you do this course you will rearrange how your kids operate in the world - FOREVER!


Love this, I want resilient kids €45

What do other people have to say about this course?

"I have just completed the long awaited "How to raise resilient kids" and my goodness I am absolutley blown away! Let's face it, there is no manual for how to parent but what Nicola provided was insight and wisdom gained through years of experience and delivered with such clarity and grace! I took pages of notes and I learned so much about my own parenting style without feeling judged or berated. I now feel empowered going forward not just as a parent but as someone working with young people on a daily basis. Nicola is honest, she is real and she is on your side! I am so delighted that I took the time and invested in myself by doing this course as I know my home will be happier, calmer and a more positive environment going forward for everyone. Once again, thank you so much for providing this workshop and imparting your wisdom to us - I share your passion for empowering young peopleand I enjoyed every second. You are a lighthouse xxx" 

"Hi Nicola.....thank you so much for this course! To say we have a new child is an understatement. Myself & my husband have seen the change in his confidence, attitude and happiness but we have just received his school report and the difference in the one he got last year & this one is unbelievable! You would think they referred to two different people.

We are so grateful. Keep doing the amazing work you do."

I have just completed Nicola’s course on how to raise resilient kids. I have taken 4 pages of notes. The content was very detailed from both perspectives, the child and the parent. Nicola has a beautiful way of connecting with her audience, where you feel she is talking to you personally even though it's recorded.

One of my big takeaways was that our children need to see that when they speak poorly to their mother, this is also to my wife and best friend which helps the child understand that their mother is also an individual that just doesn’t belong to them solely.

The value for money was incredible to the amount of content given in the workshop, and you can see how passionate she is about helping children find their way in this big beautiful world !

Thank you so much Nicola.

"If you are serious about raising resilient kids, this course will give you the tools to help them find their voice and like the sound of it - which will keep them whole, happy & safe”


- Nicola Connolly Byrne

Resilient Kids €45!!!