A No-BS Live Workshop to Learn How To Be More You in '22


Saturday 1st October 2022


Hilton Hotel Dublin Airport

Are your fears stopping you from becoming the person you want to be?

Do you feel frustrated and unfulfilled with the life you’re living? Maybe you’re feeling trapped, with no escape route?

Are you stuck in your comfort zone because of your fear of failing?

“We are often more frightened than hurt. And we suffer more from imagination than from reality” – Seneca

The reality is, we cause ourselves more pain from the fear we create in our minds, than from what we actually experience in reality!

Think about that for a minute, and then answer the question – “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

Fear keeps us small; it prevents us from being all that we can be.

But what if you allowed yourself to think bigger?

What if you forgot about money worries for a moment?

What if you could put responsibilities to the side for a second?

What if you banished all fears of failure and allowed yourself to envision a life of happiness, success and fulfillment?

What would you do if fear simply wasn’t an option?

I AM bringing this workshop to you to give you the emotional clatter (slap in the face!) that you might need. It’s designed to help you to sort your sh*t out once and for all. To lead you out of fear and back to THE ACTUAL REALITY of what YOU really want and deserve out of life.

If you keep fighting for your excuses, your limitations and your fears, they WILL ALWAYS WIN and life will always be the way it always was.

Many people get to a point where they think their ship had sailed. I AM here to tell you that your ship has not sailed! Oh no, I AM telling you that YOU are the ship and you decide the course!

You will no longer live in fear of who you used to be, you will live in the truth of who you are striving towards. To open new doors and new possibilities for YOU!



Yes, I want this!

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  • Tools to help you manage fear
  • To overcome self-sabotage
  • To eliminate negative relationships
  • To make better decisions
  • To speak up for yourself
  • To break through your limitations
  • To create a plan for the future
  • To live more authentically for YOU!
  • To step out of your comfort zone and take action
  • To create the life you want AND deserve
Yes, I want in!

I can’t wait to share these tools with you in person!

Join me October 1st at Hilton Hotel Dublin Airport from 2pm to 5pm and let’s get to work on sorting your sh*t out!

About Me:

Nicola Connolly Byrne

Personal Empowerment Specialist

I give my clients the tools to empower themselves to live and work consciously which enables them to become the best possible version of themselves. This leads to improved health, communication, relationships, productivity in the workplace and home life.

I help switch their mindset so they will always strive for a better quality of life knowing that it's absolutely within their power to achieve it. I show people how to create a solid foundation & vision for their future that they build on every day by using 'the tool box'.

Authenticity is my super power.

"I packed my office job in after 24 years and to say it had become a drain, is an understatement. Thanks Nicola #gratitude. Haven't a clue what lies ahead, but excited to see."

"I had no idea it was possible to unravel all of this, to identify where those (limiting) beliefs came from in the first place, to learn new positive ways of thinking and being able to move forward, applying new tools to the next stage of life.”

Sounds AMAZING - I'm in!!