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Bundle Offer - Negative Self-Talk plus Anxiety & Depression

Negative Self-Talk Workshop

Are you constantly critiquing and giving out to yourself in your head?

Does this sound familiar...

  • You tell yourself that you are not enough.
  • You say unkind things to yourself that you would NEVER say to anyone else.
  • You talk yourself out of doing things because you don't want to mess it up.
  • You overthink the past & worry about the future.
  • It's sometimes hard to control your racing thoughts.
  • Are you your own personal “frenemy” in your mind?
  • You avoid making decisions


In this recorded workshop, Nicola will share her tools with you so you can be a softer, kinder person to YOURSELF

  • Free your mind of the constant chatter
  • Learn how to control your negative self-talk
  • Feel centered and peaceful 
  • Become your own internal best friend
  • Know and FEEL like you are enough
  • Be confident in all you do


PLUS the workshop to totally compliment Negative Self-Talk...


Anxiety & Depression Workshop

  • Do you find yourself saying “My anxiety is getting worse”
  • You have chest pain more often
  • Your anxiety is so bad you think it will never leave you
  • You are always expecting the worst
  • You can't fully explain how you feel
  • You don't think you will be understood if you try explain

In this recorded workshop, Nicola will share her tools with you so you can take back control!

  • Understand the difference between physical and emotional pain
  • Anxiety and depression are sent to you to alert you away from something
  • Understand why you are "suffering" from anxiety and depression
  • Gain the tools to harness your feelings and emotions and use them as a stepping stone for your greater good
  • Work with Nicola's blueprint to overcome anxiety and depression
  • Learn how to THRIVE again
  • Nicola Connolly Byrne will share personal challenges on her own battle with anxiety & depression

Purchase both of these tag team workshops and keep forever! Watch it in the comfort of your own home or wherever you like as often as you like!