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Confidence & Resilience for Kids

Online. On demand. Any time, forever.

Can you imagine how it feels right now to grow up in the social media generation being constantly bombarded by people and information? Bullying online and face to face?

There are very few spaces where our kids can find peace these days. We must tool our kids up with confidence before they leave our homes for the world to pokes holes in them.


This online workshop is for you and your child if you want them to:

  • Learn how to love and respect themselves unconditionally
  • Be resilient enough to bounce back after a setback
  • Understand the difference between physical pain and emotional pain
  • Accept that challenges are coming and face them head on
  • Learn the tools to use their voice and be heard
  • Know who their tribe are
  • Make empowered decisions
  • Establish a healthy bed & wake time routine
  • Understand why bullies bully


I have worked with thousands of kids of all ages on a one to one basis, in classrooms and sports clubs. It is one of my greatest passions giving kids the tools to become more confident and self-assured. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing a child fill their boots, spread their wings and become the best version of themselves.

Best part about this is, they have the tools FOREVER!


Parent Testimonials:

‘’Thank you so much for all your support, amazing attitude and positive influence on our son over the last year and a bit. To say we have a new child is an understatement. Myself & my husband have seen the change in his confidence, attitude and happiness but we have just received his school report and the difference in the one he got last year & this one is unbelievable! You would think they referred to two different people. We are so grateful. Keep doing the amazing work you do.’’ (Lisa, Dublin)

‘’My son aged 12 has attended Nicola. She massively helped him with confidence and self-belief, and he felt safe to talk about his worries about me and voice his feelings. I do not know how Nicola managed it because kids at that age never really open up. He learned tools that he still uses now. My experience and my whole family's experience with her was like walking into a big hug and when leaving her embrace you are ready with tools to tackle whatever issues that arise.’’ (Amy, Dublin)